One word. Simplicity.

A Sandlund/Hossain bag is a blend of heritage and innovation. Subtle and authentic, handcrafted in exclusive leather, each Sandlund/Hossain bag speaks for itself. It is designed to enhance your personal style, not define it, letting your individuality shine through.

We believe that luxury is more about what you don´t show than what you show-off, so accordingly our take on luxury and design is more about simplicity, authenticity and everlasting style.

We, the founders of Sandlund/Hossain, grew up with nature all around us, so a great part of our inspiration springs from the rivers, woods and mountains that surrounded us. As a result our creative mind-set is a crossbreed between nature and contemporary inner city influences.

As we see it nature is all about effortless beauty, there is no need to make things complicated or adding anything unnecessary. Instead we rely upon our skills and knowledge, and the relentless dedication to quality and craftsmanship that has been passed down to us from our great grandfathers

Sandlund/Hossain is all about making bags that are beautiful, durable and perfectly functional. We work with the best materials because we want our bags to last a lifetime and age with style. Actually, durability is one of our primary design principles. However tempting it may be to add details, like a few extra rivets just for looks, or use practical materials like plastic, we still prefer to do it the hard way, because we don´t want to compromise with durability. We persist on classic and sustainable materials like leather, organic cotton lining and metal. Another great thing about working with natural and exclusive materials is that there is no need for overstrained design.

It is the effortless simplicity in the design that makes our bags classic and contemporary. We never flirt with trends, we stay true to the authenticity of our roots. Each bag is sophisticated in its own way – easy luxury for any occasion on your long journey through life.

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