Remaining true to our roots.

Sandlund/Hossain has been crafting handmade bags and leather goods since 2016. As a young “old’ company we have always looked to the past for craft and knowledge. Our roots spring from 1899 when Oskar Sandlund founded Böle Tannery. To this day we are guided by his core principles that influence not only what we do, but more importantly how we do it.

We believe that quality bags are not so much designed as constructed. What characterizes our bags, besides the sophisticated style, is stupendous craftsmanship, and an inherent sense of premium quality. We are on a relentless pursuit of excellence in both material and construction. Each detail is of essence, be it the size of a zipper, the strength of a seam or the versatility of a pocket.

We source the highest quality raw materials. Our handmade bags and leather goods are made using the finest custom developed vegetable tanned leather, genuinely crafted in a natural and environmental way. The lining is made of ecological cotton, weaved by hand and coloured with vegetable extracts. The zippers are made in Japan and of the highest quality metal with hand polished elements.

We aim to create inspiring, authentic and long-lasting luxury products, ensuring that each item is both beautiful and perfectly functional. Our Scandinavian heritage is rooted in restraint and subtlety, so we prefer to let the craftsmanship speak for itself. It’s a silent language, audible only to those who listen. It reflects our history and inspires the creation of new, sculptural and original leather goods that is timeless and relevant in time.

Our products are governed by simplicity and intended to last a lifetime. What makes our bags unique is that the leather is not dyed nor painted or coloured with any modern chemicals. Natural leather is an organic material and needs affection and care to last. We do our outmost best on our part through painstaking patience and craftsmanship. If you show the same love, your bag will live and age with grace and style. Every year, every journey will add to its character and patina, until it becomes a trusted travel companion.

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