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Giving back

One bag at the time.

To be a great brand you need to be a great company. Our people are our greatest asset, so naturally it´s not only about what we make, but equally important how we make it. We are committed to supporting the communities where our employees live and work and make sure their conditions are safe and fair. Ethical sustainability and compassion for our fellow humans is actually what brought us here in the first place. It all started back in 1977 when Anders Sandlunds parents, Jan and Inger Sandlund, made a life changing decision. They left the spruce bark tannery and the small village of Böle and joined The Swedish Swallows to work as volunteers in Bangladesh. In their new home, the rural village Bagatipara, they made new friends, among them Atiq and Dolly Hossain. Atiq, a former teacher in Bagatipara, and his wife shared the same ambition as Jan and Inger, to strive for progress and social development, especially amongst the poor and young. When Jan and Inger moved back to Böle in 1979, the Hossains and Sandlunds stayed in touch. 20 years later the families met again and decided that the best way to bring about change is to create work opportunities. Eventually they started a joint venture manufacturing leather goods in Bangladesh. Tulin Hossain, Atiq and Dolly’s son, came to visit Böle in April 2006. During his two-month stay he practised at the spruce bark tannery and saddlery workshop to learn the basics of tannery and bag making. It marked the dawning of our partnership and the birth of Sandlund/Hossain. Today the Sandlund/Hossain studio in Dhaka occupies 25 employees. We are a young brand with a clear intent; apart from making the most beautiful, durable and sustainable bags in the world, our mission is to create an enduring brand that takes full responsibility for our people, our partners, our customers and our environment. Our products touch the lives of hundreds of workers and their families, and we are committed to drive positive social and environmental change through our brand. We are determent to defend clean water, clean air and clean soil. The production of leather accessories accounts for a considerable amount of the total greenhouse gas emissions, as it involves cattle breeding, water waste and use of toxic chemicals like chromium and mercury. In order to change that it needs to be controlled all along its value chain, from methane emissions and conversion of natural ecosystems, to chemicals, water and energy used in the processing. Our goal is to control the supply chain, from raw material to finished product, so we can create the most sustainable process in the world for producing leather goods.


One word. Simplicity.

A Sandlund/Hossain bag is a blend of heritage and innovation. Subtle and authentic, handcrafted in exclusive leather, each Sandlund/Hossain bag speaks for itself. It is designed to enhance your personal style, not define it, letting your individuality shine through. We believe that luxury is more about what you don´t show than what you show-off, so accordingly our take on luxury and design is more about simplicity, authenticity and everlasting style. We, the founders of Sandlund/Hossain, grew up with nature all around us, so a great part of our inspiration springs from the rivers, woods and mountains that surrounded us. As a result our creative mind-set is a crossbreed between nature and contemporary inner city influences. As we see it nature is all about effortless beauty, there is no need to make things complicated or adding anything unnecessary. Instead we rely upon our skills and knowledge, and the relentless dedication to quality and craftsmanship that has been passed down to us from our great grandfathers Sandlund/Hossain is all about making bags that are beautiful, durable and perfectly functional. We work with the best materials because we want our bags to last a lifetime and age with style. Actually, durability is one of our primary design principles. However tempting it may be to add details, like a few extra rivets just for looks, or use practical materials like plastic, we still prefer to do it the hard way, because we don´t want to compromise with durability. We persist on classic and sustainable materials like leather, organic cotton lining and metal. Another great thing about working with natural and exclusive materials is that there is no need for overstrained design. It is the effortless simplicity in the design that makes our bags classic and contemporary. We never flirt with trends, we stay true to the authenticity of our roots. Each bag is sophisticated in its own way - easy luxury for any occasion on your long journey through life.

Craft & Quality

Remaining true to our roots.

Sandlund/Hossain has been crafting handmade bags and leather goods since 2016. As a young “old’ company we have always looked to the past for craft and knowledge. Our roots spring from 1899 when Oskar Sandlund founded Böle Tannery. To this day we are guided by his core principles that influence not only what we do, but more importantly how we do it. We believe that quality bags are not so much designed as constructed. What characterizes our bags, besides the sophisticated style, is stupendous craftsmanship, and an inherent sense of premium quality. We are on a relentless pursuit of excellence in both material and construction. Each detail is of essence, be it the size of a zipper, the strength of a seam or the versatility of a pocket. We source the highest quality raw materials. Our handmade bags and leather goods are made using the finest custom developed vegetable tanned leather, genuinely crafted in a natural and environmental way. The lining is made of ecological cotton, weaved by hand and coloured with vegetable extracts. The zippers are made in Japan and of the highest quality metal with hand polished elements. We aim to create inspiring, authentic and long-lasting luxury products, ensuring that each item is both beautiful and perfectly functional. Our Scandinavian heritage is rooted in restraint and subtlety, so we prefer to let the craftsmanship speak for itself. It’s a silent language, audible only to those who listen. It reflects our history and inspires the creation of new, sculptural and original leather goods that is timeless and relevant in time. Our products are governed by simplicity and intended to last a lifetime. What makes our bags unique is that the leather is not dyed nor painted or coloured with any modern chemicals. Natural leather is an organic material and needs affection and care to last. We do our outmost best on our part through painstaking patience and craftsmanship. If you show the same love, your bag will live and age with grace and style. Every year, every journey will add to its character and patina, until it becomes a trusted travel companion.