Leather Care


You can start using your bag immediately, since we have treated it with a natural leather balm.


Our leather is top grade and full grain, which means that the surface of the leather is more sensitive to dirt and stains compared to leather that has a heavily treated surface. By choosing full grain you will get more natural leather that will age beautifully, as long as you take care of it. All our leather goods are treated with a natural leather balm applied by hand when the products are finished. All you need is a natural leather balm and soap to take care of your bag. Apply twice a year or in need.


Start by removing any dirt or dust with a damp cloth. Make sure to treat the whole leather evenly without rubbing the grain too hard. When the bag is slightly damp you can apply the leather balm, it could be wise to start under the bag if you are uncertain of the outcome. Make sure that you treat parts (bottom, handles, corners) exposed for extra wearing generously. When you are done, please let it dry for a while in room temperature (never close to any heater).