Our cow funding campaign raised 831 437 SEK and will reach 250 families with a cow. Now we want to reach more.

The Cow Funder Initiative

The Cow Funder Initiative


Can you make the worlds most sustainable, durable and truly beautiful leather bags from a small village in Bangladesh? We think so, at least that´s why we started Sandlund/Hossain in 2016. With the Cow Funder Initiative we want to showcase a new way of consumerism, a really good and smart way. And it starts from the beginning.

We are building the worlds first transparent and integrated production chain, from raw material to finished leather bag. With this revolutionary new way of making leather goods, we want to show a long-term positive outcome for all, on all bottom lines.

The Cow

Just one cow can be the difference between simply surviving to thriving for a struggling family in rural Bangladesh. So we give cows. During the donated cow’s lifetime, its health and wellness will be carefully catered to by the family, along with our project team.

The Family

At the cow´s end life, the family can earn up to a year’s income from the meat, enabling whole new possibilities. Such as sending the kids to school. Building a new roof. Or re-invest in a new cow.

The Leather

We get a traceable and well-kept raw hide from a cow that lived a good life. We will turn it into leather in our own tannery that we are building with Böle Tannery. It will become one of the world´s most sustainable and ethical processes for making leather. 

The Bag

From the traceable and sustainable leather our skilled craftsmen will make bags that will last beautifully for generations to come and make a difference on all bottom lines. In the near future, the goal is that all our bags are made by leather ultimately developed through this initiative.

Become a Cow Funder 

When you buy a Sandlund/Hossain bag, you buy great quality made with care for people and environment. But you are also supporting a family and our mission to make bags that matter. 



You can also become a Cow Funder and directly donate a cow to a family without buying a bag. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will tell you more.