Our Story

About Us

We at Sandlund/Hossain, founded in 2016 by childhood friends Anders Sandlund and Tulin Hossain, are artisan leather bag makers based in Sweden and Bangladesh. Our mission is to make the most durable, sustainable and truly beautiful leather bags in the world.

Let’s be honest. We launched Sandlund/Hossain out of frustration. We first started producing bags for other brands who showed interest in sustainability. However, many times this gave us a first hand experience of the so-called “the race to the bottom” in terms of quality, pricing and ultimately that coveted sustainability. So we decided to pause producing for other brands and attempt to create the bags we wanted to own and carry ourselves. Simply to see if our dream was possible. We launched our first collection in 2016, selling directly to people through our online store. We are forever thankful for the overwhelming response we’ve received from those who buy our bags and those who spread the word. And thanks to all of our customers and supporters, we’re able to launch The Cow Funder Initiative. Hopefully, the initiative can serve as an inspiration to others as well, especially in the tannery, fashion and design industry.
Our background
Sandlund/Hossain springs from Böle spruce bark tannery above Sweden’s Arctic Circle. The family-run tannery, which Anders is now proprietor and heir of, has been making leather since 1899. Böle is today the globe’s last standing spruce bark tannery as well as premium leather goods maker and Purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court.

Both of us, Anders and Tulin, come from generations of rather uncompromising yet practical people in small villages – Böle and Bagatipara. In 1977 Anders’ parents, Inger and Jan, left Sweden for volonteer work with NGO The Swallows in Bangladesh. One of the assignments to develop the leather sector. The Sandlunds lived in Bagatipara for almost two years, becoming best friends and co-workers with Tulin’s parents, Atiq and Dolly. 40 years later, our parents’ ideas for social development live on with us, where Sandlund/Hossain is the next step.

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