We spring from generations of uncompromising people. Our origins trace back to 1899 when Oskar Sandlund founded Böle Tannery, one of the last spruce bark tanneries in the world, and probably one of the oldest.

More than 100 years has passed since, yet the practise, devotion and tradition remains the same. Our tanning process, transforming raw hide into luxury leather, is literally the same. The water in our tanning vats has actually not been changed since 1918.

Simplicity is what defines Böle Tannery. We believe it´s the key to quality and durability. The main reason we insist on natural spruce bark tanning is obviously the quality of the uniquely beautiful and durable leather. But there are some practical reasons as well. The tannery is perfectly situated just south of the Arctic Circle, along Pite river and its clean waters. Also the cattle in our cold surroundings is less exposed to hide-damaging insects, and their living environment is less likely to damage their hide. Some even speculate that the cold climate creates a tighter and more robust hide, more suitable for making durable leather. As for spruce bark, it´s ample in the woods growing all around us.

Good things come to those who wait. 

Our tanning process involves only two ingredients, water and spruce bark flakes, no synthetic ingredients or chemicals. In other words, no shortcuts. The hides are put into vats for a period of nine to twelve months and are stirred at least once a day. Moving the hides between baths and stirring them are done manually, so their surface remains intact and uncompromised. The whole process usually takes more than a year, but the end result is well worth the wait.

Made to last.

Living in the cold north our ancestors endured a harsh life, they simply couldn’t afford for things to go wrong. Functionality and longevity was key. This way of thinking still affects not only what we do, but more importantly, how we do it.

When we create a new design the first order of things is to try to brake it so all the weaknesses are exposed. Actually, Böle bags, briefcases and rucksacks are not so much designed as they are constructed. To complement the design we simply add a few accessories; English white thread for the distinctive stitching, Italian or English brass locks, German metal closing mechanisms, American copper rivets and Swedish birch wooden rails.

Our design-philosophy reflects our history and inspires us to create elegant and original pieces that are timeless and relevant. Sustainable not only in production, but also in design. We genuinely believe that we make the world’s most beautiful luxury leather goods. Our products come with a 15-year guarantee (the legal limitation in Sweden) but we expect them to last a lifetime. And hopefully be passed on to the next generation.

Passing it on to Sandlund/Hossain.

Anders Sandlund is the co-founder of Sandlund/Hossain, along with Tulin Hossain. Anders is the 4th generation of Sandlunds and the great grandson of Oskar Sandlund, founder of Böle Tannery. As the heir of Böle Tannery he was born into this unique and rare tradition.

Remaining true to the authenticity that defines Böle Tannery Sandlund/Hossain intends to take the tradition and uncompromising way of thinking about quality and sustainability into the future.

– What makes our bags unique is that the leather is not dyed, painted or coloured with any modern chemicals. They live and age with grace and style. Every year, every journey ad to their character and patina, until they become a trusted companion, an old friend. Understated design, sophisticated simplicity and meticulous focus on details is what inspire and defines us, just as it once emboldened my great grandfather to establish Böle Tannery.

Anders Sandlund & Tulin Hossain